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The Lott Carey Pastoral Excellence Network (PEN) cultivates missional pastors through promoting practices of health and wholeness and by advocating innovative ministry impact informed by the global church.  Through semi-annual gatherings and annual international experiential learning immersions, pastors broaden visions, build networks, and deepen impacts.


Keep up with insights, resources, and programs to nurture pastoral imagination and practices of excellence at PEN at Christian Theological Seminary.


Explore twelve time-honored practices shaped by the Christian community over the centuries and that still are richly relevant to contemporary experience at Practicing our Faith, developed by the Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation of People in Faith at Valparaiso University.


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  1. Semi-annual Pastoral Excellence Network Conferences convene on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during Lott Carey’s Annual Session that convenes in August, and on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning during Lott Carey's Annual Spring Missions Conference to focus on:
    • Care for Pastors - promoting practices of self-care through personal and spiritual wellness.
    • Creativity for Pastors - exploring pressing theological issues and contemporary challenges to good and faithful ministries.
  2. Annual Pastoral Excellence Network International Immersions are held in first quarter of the year to give pastors opportunities for cross-cultural ministries and partnerships with host communities and colleagues to facilitate journeys through orientation, disorientation, and new orientation.


For information about the Conference or Immersion, contact David Emmanuel Goatley (


Lott Carey PEN 2014 Schedule


President Gregory K. Moss led the 2014 Pastoral Excellence Network International Immersion to Zimbabwe 20-31 January 2014. The theme for the Immersion was Evangelism, Ministry, and Theology in Context - Africa and America.  Zimbabwe Theological Seminary ( was our host.


20 January    Depart Washington, DC

21 January    Arrive Harare, Zimbabwe

22 January    Tafara Baptist Church

23 January    Emmanuel Baptist Church

24 January    Travel to Gweru

25 January    Visit Great Zimbabwe

26 January    Worship

27 January    Evangelism and Theology

28 January    Relevancy and Leadership

29 January    Travel to Harare

30 January    Depart Harare

31 January    Arrive in the US


The next Pastoral Excellence Spring Conference will be held at the Central Baptist Church, Columbia, South Carolina, 27-28 March 2014.  Session 1 will focus on churches ministering to military personnel returning to community from theaters of war.  Session 2 will highlight strategies successfully negotiating roles as pastor, spouse, and parent.


The Pastoral Excellence Summer Conference: 12 and 14 August 2014, The Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky (during the 117th Annual Session of the Lott Carey Convention convening 11 - 15 August 2014).